AECHE 4 is a conference of Euro-Arab university presidents and invited experts, devoted to higher education and research issues of common interest. This year's edition deals with doctoral training, research and the water, energy, food nexus.




In 2017  Mohammed V University in Rabat is celebrating its 60th anniversary and it is a great honor for us  to host the 4th Arab-Euro Conference on Higher Education as part of our commerative events. This year more than 250 participants including university leadership representatives, academics, graduate students, and policy makers will gather to  explore how Arab and European universities can develop research collaboration to address the sustainability and environmental  challenges of issues such water and energy.

I would like to thank you all for acccepting our invitation and wish you a warm welcome at our University and in the great city of Rabat. 

We hope the conference  will contribute to strengthening Arab-Euro academic cooperation and understanding. 

Pr. Saaid Amzazi

President of Mohammed-V University in Rabat