Lahoucine Ballihi received the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) degree in Computer science and telecommunications from Mohammed V University In Rabat, Morocco in 2007 and the Ph.D degree in Computer Science from the University of Lille, France and the Mohammed V University Rabat In Rabat, Morocco in 2012.
He is also a member of the Computer Science and Telecommunications Research Laboratory of Mohammed V University In Rabat (LRIT - CNRST URAC 29). He is currently an associate professor in Mohammed V University In Rabat at Faculty of Science Rabat (FSR), Morocco.
His research interests include pattern recognition, computer vision, biometrics, three-dimensional analysis and retrieval and 3D face analysis and recognition and action recognition. He has published over 20 papers in some of the most distinguished scientific journals and international conferences (IEEE TIFS, PR, ACM TOMM, IJPRAI, JEI).