The Research Center of Civil Engineering, Water, Environment and Geosciences, which includes the laboratory of Civil Engineering and Environment (EST – Sale), the Laboratory of Applied Geophysics, Geotechnics, Engineering Geology and Environment (EMI- Rabat) and the laboratory of Civil Engineering, Hydraulic and Environment (EMI- Rabat), organizes the 7th edition of the International Congress: Water, Waste and Environment (EDE7) in collaboration  with the Higher School of Technology of Sale (EST-Sale) and Mantes-en-Yvelines Institute of Technology, University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, from 20 to 22 November 2019,  Under the theme:

“Which sustainable development for Africa of tomorrow?”

 The success and interest generated by the previous editions, have encouraged research Professors interested in environmental problems to organize this new edition.

This special event will allow the national and international scientific community, engineers, researchers, politicians, economic and associative actors and specialists, to meet, discuss and exchange ideas and scientific results in different fields, such as treatment and valorization of waste, environment’s sustainable management, energy efficiency and management of water resources,in order to achieve a sustainable development of natural environment.


 Theme 1 (T01): Water Resources Management

  • Current state of Water Resources;
  • Integrated Management of Water Resources;
  • Vulnerability and Pollution Risks;
  • Water Resource Protection Perimeter.

Theme 2 (T2): Waste Treatment and Recovery Channels (liquid, solid and gas)

  •     Sanitation and Waste Treatment;
  •     Recovery and Reuse;
  •     Management and Legislative Aspects;
  •     Leachate and Biogas;
  •     Environmental Protection ;
  •     Environmental Impacts.

Theme 3 (T03): Impact of Climate change on the Environment

  • Assessment of the Impacts of Climate change;
  • Climate change and Water Resource Management;
  • Climate change and Sustainable Development;
  • Climate change and Renewable Energy.

Theme 4 (T4): Geosciences and Environmental Culture

  •     Integrated Watershed Management   ;
  •     Territory Development   ;
  •     Hydrogeology   ;
  •     Applied Geophysics   ;
  •     Natural Hasards   ;
  •     Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Historic Sites.

Theme 5 (T05): Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

  • Green Energy from Wind source, Solar source,...;
  • Geothermal Energy;
  • Energy Storage;
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • Green Business.