Publications Hafssa BENABOUD

Publications dans des revues et journaux internationaux

  • 2014, S.DONGLAI, H.BENABOUD, JH. LI and N.MIKOU, «Improving Delay Performance for Time-critical Communications in VANET», Journal of Mobile and Multimedia (JMM), volume 10, issue 1&2, pp. 94-104, April 2014.  ISSN: 1550-4646. Published by Rinton Press (USA).
  • 2013, Y.DEHBI, H.BENABOUD and N.MIKOU, «A Geometric Backoff Time Distribution of IEEE 802.11 DCF: An Analytical Study», International Journal of Communication Networks and Information Security (IJCNIS),  volume 5, issue 3,  pp. 192-200, December 2013. ISSN: 2073-607X.
  • 2013, V.BRICARD-VIEU, H.BENABOUD and N.MIKOU, «MPWCA-L: A New Clustering Algorithm to Improve Stability and QoS in MANETs», International Journal of Simulations: Systems, Science & Technology (IJSSST), (accepted, in press) to appear in volume 14, N 5, October 2013. ISSN 1473-804x. Published by United Kingdom Simulation Society.
  • 2002, H.BENABOUD, A.BERQIA, N.MIKOU, «Enhancing TCP over Satellite Links Using CANIT Algorithm». International Journal of Simulation. IJSSST volume 3, No 3-4, December 2002 pp. 81-91. ISSN 1473-804X, Published by United Kingdom Simulation Society.
  • 2002, H.BENABOUD, A.BERQIA, N.MIKOU «Analytical Study of CANIT Algorithm in TCP Protocol», ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, Volume 30, Issue 3, December 2002. pp 20-22. Published by ACM, DOI, 10.1145/605521.605530.

Publications dans des actes de conférences Internationales avec comité de lecture

  • 2015, H.BENABOUD, S.BAKKALI and J.J. Randriamampiomoma, «Security Issues on Inter-Domain Routing with QoS-CMS Mechanism».  Chapter of Networked Systems, LNCS series, Volume 9084, 2015, pp 287-296, ISBN 978-3-319-18680-1. Proceedings of the C2SI 2015. (Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
  • 2014, S.BAKKALI, H.BENABOUD and M. BENMAMOUN, «Management of Inter-domain Quality of Service Using DiffServ Model in Intra-domain», Chapter of Advances in Systems Science, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing Series, volume 240, 2014, pp 727-736. ISSN 2194-5357. Proceedings of the ICSS 2013. (Published by Springer International Publishing).
  • 2013, S.BAKKALI, H.BENABOUD and M. BENMAMOUN, «On Ensuring End-to-End Quality of Service in Inter-Domain Environment».  Chapter of Networked Systems, LNCS series, Volume 7853, 2013, pp 326-330. ISSN 0302-9743. Proceedings of the NETYS 2013. (Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg).
  • 2009, Y. DEHBI, N.MIKOU and H.BENABOUD, «An Analytical Study of Mixed Backoff Schemes for QoS Differentiation in Wireless LAN». Multimedia Computing and Systems, ICMCS 2009, published by IEEE, DOI, 10.1109/MMCS.2009.5256705, pp. 187-192, April 2009.
  • 2004, H.BENABOUD, N.MIKOU, «SSNIT: A New Slow Start Algorithm for TCP Protocol».  Proceedings of CCN 2004, pp. 156-162. Published by Actapress, ISBN 0-88986-431-4, November 2004.
  • 2002, H.BENABOUD , «On Informing TCP Sender by the Current Value of NIT Parameter, Proceedings of HSNMC'02.  pp. 375-379, July 2002. Published by IEEE,  DOI,  10.1109/ HSNMC.2002.1032611.
  • 2002, H.BENABOUD, N.MIKOU, «Analysis by Queueing Model of Multi-Threshold Mechanism in ATM Switches», Proceedings of HSNMC'02. pp. 147-151. July 2002 Published by IEEE, DOI, 10.1109/HSNMC.2002.1032565.
  • 2002, H.BENABOUD, «Simulation-Based Study of Multi-Threshold Mechanism for ABR Services in ATM Networks», in the proceedings of ESM'02. Published by SCS Europe 2002, ISBN 90-77039-07-4, pp. 373-377. 2002.
  • 2001, H.BENABOUD, N.MIKOU, «CANIT: A New Algorithm to improve the fairness of TCP Congestion Avoidance». Computers and Communications 2001, Proceedings of ISCC'01. Published by IEEE Computer Society, ISSN 1530-1346, pp. 702-707. 2001.
  • 2001, H.BENABOUD, N.MIKOU, «Performance Evaluation of CANIT Algorithm in Presence of Congestion Losses». Networking ICN'01, LNCS series, volume 2093, 2001, pp. 780-789. ISSN  0302-9743. Published by Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Publications dans des actes de conférences Nationales avec comité de lecture

  • 2013, S.BAKKALI, H.BENABOUD and M. BENMAMOUN, «Security Problems in BGP: An Overview», Network Security and Systems, JNS3, published by IEEE, DOI. 10.1109/JNS3.2013.6595458, pp 1-5, April 2013.
  • 2012, S.DONGLAI, H.BENABOUD, N.MIKOU and J. LI, «Exploring Opportunistic Scheduling in Ad-hoc Network with Physical Layer Security», Network Security and Systems, JNS2, published by IEEE, DOI, 10.1109/JNS2.2012.6249243, pp. 62-67, April 2012.


Communications Orales et Posters

  • 2013, DL. SUN and H. BENABOUD, « Delay Performances on VANET», First Workshop on Vehicular Networks and Telematics, WNT13, may 2, 2013, Marrakech.
  • 2012, S. BAKKALI et H. BENABOUD, «QdS de bout en bout dans un environnement DiffServ inter-domaine», Journées Doctorales en Systèmes d’Information, Réseaux et Télécommunication (JDSIRT), pp. 70-75, 14-15 mai 2012, ENSIAS, Rabat.
  • 2011, S.BAKKALI et H.BENABOUD,  «Routage inter-domaine avec QdS: Vue d'ensemble », 2ème Workshop WCCCS, pp.300-305, 16-17 juin 2011, ENSIAS, Rabat.
  • 1999, H.BENABOUD, N.MIKOU, « Etude des performances d’un mécanisme à double seuil pour les commutateurs ATM », Modélisation et Simulation des flux physiques et informationnels : MOSIM’99, ed. Ghent, Belgium : SCS Pubilcation, ISBN  1-56555-176-1, pp. 411-416.  Actes de la Deuxième Conférence Francophone de Modélisation et Simulation, 6- 8 octobre 1999, Annecy, France.