Track 1-SAP: Signal and Audio Processing

Chairs :  T.Chonavel,  A. Khenchaf

Audio and Acoustic Signal Processing

Biomedical Signal Processing 

Signal Processing Theory & Methods

Signal Processing for Big Data  

Machine Learning for Signal Processing

Speech Processing  

Spoken Language Processing  

Signal Processing for Smart Systems 

Signal Processing for Cyber Security 

Signal Processing for Brain Machine Interface 

Signal Processing Education

DSP Processors and FPGA Applications

Intelligent Transport Systems

Track 2-IVP: Image and Video Processing

Chairs : E. Mouadib, H. Tairi

3D imaging, stereovision and  virtual reality

Image, video and object indexing and retrieval

Analysis, modeling and understanding

Classification, clustering and segmentation

Enhancement, restoration, filtering and denoising

Color, multi-spectral and perceptual processing

Compression, coding and watermarking

Tracking and real-time imaging

Pattern recognition and Machine learning 

Applications: Medical imaging, Biometrics, Forensics and Remote Sensing

Image and Video Processors architectures

Track 3-DCN: Digital Communications and Networking

Chairs : A. Tamtaoui, M. Ghogho, J. Vidal

Channel Modeling and Propagation

Coding for Wireless Systems

Detection, Estimation, and Synchronization

Modulation Techniques (CDMA, OFDM  etc.)

Multiuser and Multiple Access Schemes

Ultra Wide-band Systems

Vehicular Networks

Wireless Multimedia Communication

Wireless Adhoc and Sensor Networks 

Network Mobility and Task Coordination

Network Performance, Reliability, and QoS

Wireless System Architectures and Applications

Wireless Traffic and Routing

Wireless Sensors Networks

Track 4- DSA: Data Science and Applications

Chairs : R.O.H Thami, H. Cherifi, F. Oquendo

Data mining,

Machine learning, Web-Mining, Information Mining;

Predictive Analytics; Knowledge Discovery; 

Databases and Information Integration; 

Information Retrieval Methods; 

Information Visualization

Model Driven Engineering

Model Verification and Validation

Applications : 

- Big Data
- Data Analytics in Business Enterprises
- Internet of Things
- Smart Home, Smart City, ...
- Soft Computing
- Natural Language