Methodology of Data Systematic Review from A to Z


Tikito I, Souissi N. Methodology of Data Systematic Review from A to Z, in The 3rd International Conference on Big Data, Cloud and Applications - BDCA'18. Morocco ; 2018.


Plenty data are generated each second under different locations and ways. In return, several valuable data are not used due to neglect or a wrong criteria selection, affecting the results. To have the accurate decision the exact information is needed. But, in case of lack of data, an overall vision about all existing findings make a big difference. The approach of Systematic Review give the possibility to have this clear vision related to a specific topic, for the right input. The purpose of this research is to identify all important steps to conduct a high quality of systematic review, independently of research domain. We first explain the reason behind our research and the significance of Systematic Review in research fields, one of the way for minimizing the loss of information. Since our goal is to have an explicit methodology, we select several papers mentioning the procedure in different years to have a general view. Subsequently, we explain the approaches used to select the key steps to follow for selected articles. We settle this study with a complete steps resuming all finding key phases. This research highlight also the importance of the use of an explicit methodology to vanish any misunderstanding or ignoring basic points to accomplish a valuable and high quality work.